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Nowoczesna jumps ahead of Law and Justice in latest poll

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Alicja Baczyńska 17.12.2015 11:26
Less than two months since Law and Justice (PiS) swept to power in the 25 October elections, the party has fallen behind this year's newcomer, Nowoczesna (Modern).
The head of the Noweczesna party, Ryszard Petru (L). Photo: PAP/Rafał GuzThe head of the Noweczesna party, Ryszard Petru (L). Photo: PAP/Rafał Guz

The support for the Nowoczesna, led by economist Ryszard Petru, has been consistently on the rise over the past three weeks.

Set up earlier this year, the opposition grouping now enjoys nearly 31-percent backing, according to the latest survey by pollster IBRiS.

Ruling Law and Justice, under the leadership of Jarosław Kaczyński, is now three percentage points behind, with a 27-percent backing.

The ruling party's support has fallen by three percentage points since the pollster's previous survey, carried out on 11-12 December.

Back then, Nowoczesna was still behind PiS, with 25 percent.

Law and Justice's three percentage-point drop marks the first time the grouping fell below 30 percent in the polls since was elected in the parliamentary ballot.

The latest IBRiS poll, commissioned by tabloid Super Express, was carried out on 15 December, just after last weekend's protests against Law and Justice's ongoing changes to the Constitutional Tribunal.

Last Saturday's anti-government protests, carried out in several major cities across Poland, were followed by a pro-government demonstration on Sunday. (aba/rg)

Source: Super Express, Newsweek Polska

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