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Q&A :: Circus – a life inside a cage

PR dla Zagranicy
Alicja Baczyńska 27.10.2014 16:03
  • Q&A :: Circus – a life inside a cage
Traditional circuses portray themselves as a hub of entertainment – what does it look like for the animals behind the scenes and away from the crowds?

Whips, spikes, rods and electric devices are part of everyday life for hundreds of animals kept in Polish circuses, and as animal rights defenders argue there is no such thing as a happy animal in a circus.

“Of course, trainers would say that they don’t use such instruments, as they motivate animals with food, or other forms of positive reinforcement, but it’s not true,” says Cezary Wyszyński, head of the Viva foundation in Warsaw. “You can see for yourself on the internet footage of real training when the tamers don’t know that someone is recording them – then you can really capture the reality,” he told Q&A host Alicja Baczyńska.

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