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Q&A :: Going veggie for 30 days

PR dla Zagranicy
Alicja Baczyńska 13.08.2013 18:49
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A Warsaw-based NGO offers 30-day trial of a meat-free diet.

This week's Q&A offers insight into the world of herbivores, as a novel campaign run by the Viva Action for Animals Foundation in Warsaw offers support to those wishing to wean themselves from meat, and try a vegetarian diet for a change.

It's not only about animal welfare, as a meatless diet is not only healthier, but also more sustainable, as member of the foundation, animal rights activist Cezary Wyszyński, argues.

"If you want to reduce your carbon footprint, it’s better to go vegan than change your car for a bike," Cezary believes. 'When the knowledge on how animal breeding destroys the environment spreads, more people will become vegetarian," he adds.

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