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Lone stork refuses to migrate

PR dla Zagranicy
Peter Gentle 26.10.2011 12:59
A lone white stork is preparing to sit out the Polish winter, two months after the mass migration of the birds to Africa.


“It's unusual for this species,” says ornithologist Marek Stajszczyk.

He told Polish Radio that by now, storks from across Europe will have arrived in Africa, where they will spend the winter in the savannas between Kenya and South Africa.

It is already too late for the Szydlowice stork to change its mind, as wind conditions are no longer favourable.

However, Stajszczyk believes that the remaining stork has a chance of surviving the coming months, provided that locals help to feed the bird.

“I hope the inhabitants of Szydlowice will help by throwing him some food. It's not necessary to catch him and put him in a zoo, as storks are wild birds,” he said.

According to naturalists, about 50,000 pairs of the birds nest in Poland each year, which amounts to a fifth of the world's white stork population.

The 8000 km migration to Africa, which begins in late August each year, is covered at about 200 km per day.

Storks have been celebrated in Slavic folklore for centuries, and the bird is often championed as a symbol of Poland. (nh/pg)

Source: IAR

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