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Polish justice minister says ‘days of impunity for criminals over'

PR dla Zagranicy
Grzegorz Siwicki 30.05.2019 18:30
"The days of impunity for criminals are over," Poland's justice minister has said in response to a report that he was the target of a planned assassination attempt being probed by investigators.
Justizminister Zbigniew ZiobroJustizminister Zbigniew ZiobroBild: P Tracz/KPRM, flickr.com/photos/premierrp/37324770085/

Zbigniew Ziobro was commenting after a newspaper reported on Thursday that police across Europe were hunting a man suspected of putting out a contract on him.

Ziobro, who also serves as Poland's prosecutor-general, said in a statement to news agency PAP: "We have one thing to say to all manner of bandits: you will not frighten us; justice will be served."

Poland’s Rzeczpospolita daily said on Thursday that it had accessed details of an investigation suggesting that a suspected designer-drug dealer attempted to hire a hit man to kill Ziobro, viewing him as an "obstacle" to his illegal business.

The dealer allegedly offered to pay PLN 100,000 (around EUR 23,000, USD 26,000) for the job, the Polish paper reported, citing findings by investigators in the western city of Wrocław.

Poland’s government last summer approved tougher new rules to crack down on designer drugs.

Ziobro told the PAP news agency: "There are going to be tough laws in Poland, and prosecutors will have no mercy for criminals, degenerates or drug dealers. Such people must be put behind bars for years to keep Polish streets, parks and schools safe."

The Rzeczpospolita newspaper said in its report that a plan to assassinate a government minister was a first for Poland.


Source: PAP, Rzeczpospolita

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