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Soviets massacred 10,000 in northern Poland: report

PR dla Zagranicy
Paweł Kononczuk 20.01.2017 11:53
A declassified report by a CIA spy contains so-far-unknown claims that Soviets carried out mass killings of their own citizens in Poland soon after the end of World War II, the niezalezna.pl website has reported.
Soviet leader Joseph Stalin. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. Author unknown

Soviet leader Joseph Stalin. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. Author unknown

The report, dated 10 October 1952, contains shocking claims about the activities of Soviet forces occupying Poland following the end of the war, the Reporters.pl website added.

'Over 10,000 Soviets buried in mass graves'

Reporters.pl cited the CIA agent as saying in his report: “A Polish eyewitness told me that in the forest of Witomin [near the Polish port city of Gdynia] over 10,000 Soviets are buried in mass graves.

“They were shot by the Soviets themselves just after World War II. They were Soviet workers who had been repatriated from Germany.”

The next sentence in the report has been deleted.

The CIA agent’s report does not give more details but, amid a mass of information about military deployments and the social and economic situation in Polish coastal areas at the time, in another section mentions other crimes by Soviet soldiers.

'Soviet soldiers attacking Polish girls'

The agent reported that Soviet infantry, armoured forces and anti-aircraft guns, around a division in terms of strength, were stationed in a forest near the Baltic Sea city of Kołobrzeg, according to niezalezna.pl

“The morale and discipline of these troops has deteriorated considerably,” the agent is quoted as saying.

“Cases of Soviet soldiers attacking Polish girls are more and more frequent. In certain cases, women have been murdered, to liquidate all traces. These cases are, of course, never mentioned publicly.”


Source: niezalezna.pl, reporters.pl

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