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Polish protest movement denounced by Kaczyński

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Nick Hodge 08.03.2016 11:47
Head of the ruling Law and Justice party Jarosław Kaczyński denounced protest movement the Committee in Defence of Democracy (KOD) on Monday evening in Łomza, north eastern Poland.
Jarosław Kaczyński speaking in  Łomza on Monday. Photo: PAP/Przemysław PiątkowskiJarosław Kaczyński speaking in Łomza on Monday. Photo: PAP/Przemysław Piątkowski

His comments came after his party held onto a seat in the Senate in the region, as confirmed on Monday morning by the local electoral commission.

Kaczyński claimed that KOD is composed of Poles who have “trampled upon everything that is sacred in Polish culture.”

He said that the committee, which was founded shortly after the Law and Justice party came to power, carries Polish flags as “defensive colours,” and that the protesters are only “trying” to be patriotic.

Kaczyński likewise argued that in the eyes of protesters, Poland is “anachronistic.”

It's the same people who have cultivated the so-called pedagogy of shame, trying to convince Poles that they are actually guilty of everything evil that happened in the history of this part of Europe during the last century.

It's the same people who laughed at every opportunity when we sought Poles' unity in the question of Polish patriotism.

It is they who are organising and creating KOD today,” he stated.

KOD responds

Leader of KOD Maciej Kijowski responded to Kaczyński's comments on Monday evening in an interview with the Polsat broadcaster.

I'm sorry that he sees us in such a way,” he said

We would like to defend democracy with him.

What is said about us is no more than outrageous insinuations and disgusting nonsense.

It's hard to imagine that you can talk in such a way to your fellow citizens,” he said. (nh/pk)

Source: TVP/Polsat/Onet

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