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Half of Poles in favour of gov’t censorship on minority issues

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Roberto Galea 06.12.2015 15:21
As many as 50 percent of Poles agree with the government preventing people from making offensive statements about minorities, slightly above the EU average.

The study by the Pew Research Centre found out that 41 percent of Poles think that people should be able to say such things publicly without legal repercussions.

The figures place Poland third in the EU in its support of the government censoring “free speech”. Germany led with 70 percent being for government censorship and 27 percent being against. Italy was a close second with 62 percent and 32 percent in both categories respectively.

The EU average (49 percent/46 percent) was much higher that of the US with 28 percent being for government prevention of offensive speech and 67 percent in favour of citizens being able to say these thing publicly. In the US, free speech is protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution. (rg)

Source: World Economic Forum

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