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Poles trust firefighters over politicians

PR dla Zagranicy
Nick Hodge 23.11.2015 11:35
A survey by Poland's Central Statistical Office (GUS) has found that in the sphere of public service, firefighters emerge as the most trusted group by Poles, while politicians are bottom of the heap.
Photo: pixabayPhoto: pixabay

According to the results of the survey, 94 percent of Poles trust the fire brigade, while just 25 percent trust the lower and upper houses of parliament.

Meanwhile, bodies that scored well in the survey included the army, which enjoys 72 percent trust, the Church (67 percent) and the police (also 67 percent).

The law courts have the confidence of less than half of those polled, garnering 46.7 percent.

Levels fluctuated depending on the gender of the respondent. The most marked differences in thus regard related to the Church and the police. In both cases, women were 8-9 percent more trusting than men. Meanwhile, male respondents emerged as more trusting of the army, by about 5 percent.

Trust for the Church was stronger in the countryside, where it had 75 percent backing, in contrast to 61 percent in cities. (nh/di)

Source: PAP

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