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Polish toddlers glued to screens

PR dla Zagranicy
Alicja Baczyńska 23.09.2015 13:37
Two of out five kids aged up to two in Poland already use tablets and smartphones.

A study by the Nobody’s Children Foundation shows that most of them are regular users of such devices. The organization released the results of its survey on Tuesday at the 11th International Conference in Warsaw dedicated to “Keeping Children and Young People Safe Online.”

The research, based on parents’ accounts, reveals that for the youngest kids electronic devices are mostly a source of passive entertainment, such as watching films and cartoons. The kids often drag icons across the touchscreen desktop or access simple applications as a form of play.

Member of the foundation Łukasz Wojtasik warns that extensive exposure to computer screens may have a long-term effect on children. Parental supervision and time limits are a good idea also for the more computer-savvy kids old enough to read, the expert adds.

Otherwise, emotional and physical growth may both be affected. Among the more likely effects is "the hampered development of hands and fingers [such as decreased muscle strength - ed.] which may have a detrimental impact on kids’ writing or drawing skills in the future,” Łukasz Wojtasik says. (aba/rk)

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