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Soviet WWII plane found in Poland with skeletons of crew

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Nick Hodge 24.08.2015 16:10
The falling water level at an oxbow lake in Kamion, central Poland, has revealed a WWII Soviet plane and the remains of the ill-fated crew that perished in it.
Photo: GlowimagesPhoto: Glowimages

The skeletons and their uniforms have already been removed, as have parts of the plane.

For now we have managed to find the instrument panel, the engine, a wheel and a well-preserved radio station,” commented Zdzislaw Leszczynski, director of the Museum of the River Vistula in Wyszogród, which is carrying out the excavation together with the SAKWA association.

Locals say the plane was shelled by German artillery and it plummeted [into the water],” he added.

The plane was so battered that it's impossible to determine which model it is for the time being.”

The water level at the Bzura oxbow lake has fallen dramatically owing to the recent heatwave and lack of rain.

The remaining parts of the plane are due to be excavated next weekend. (nh/rk)

Source: RMF FM

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