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Remains of WWII Luftwaffe plane discovered in Masuria

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Nick Hodge 27.05.2015 13:25
The remains of what is believed to be a Luftwaffe plane have been discovered in the Pisz Forest in Masuria, northern Poland.
Excavation continues in the Pisz Forest. Photo: Facebook/Muzeum Ziemi PiskiejExcavation continues in the Pisz Forest. Photo: Facebook/Muzeum Ziemi Piskiej

Staff at the Museum of the Pisz Region were tipped off that an aircraft had crashed in a specific part of the forest by an elderly local.

However, according to museum spokesperson Sławomir Wolski, the information was originally taken with a pinch of salt, as local lore has it that “there is a sunken tank or airplane in almost evert Masurian lake.”

Nevertheless, staff followed up the tip-off, and before long the searchers saw that they really were on to something.

With several parts of the plane already revealed, the museum is now extending the dig until mid-June.

It is believed that the plane was a Focke-Wulf Fw 190 Würger, a model commonly used by the Luftwaffe.

The greater part of Masuria (save for the Działdowo region) was part of German East Prussia prior to World War II.

The Luftwaffe had an airport at Rostki (then Rostiken), near where the plane crashed. Aircraft took off from the site during the September 1939 bombing of Poland at the beginning of World War II. (nh)

Source: PAP

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