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Church in Poland set for schism?

PR dla Zagranicy
Aleksander Nowacki 27.02.2015 21:21
Poland could be the scene of the next traditionalist schism within the Roman Catholic Church, a leading intellectual on the conservative wing of the church writes.

Pope Francis is openly departing from the teaching of the “Polish pope”, Dominik Zdort wrote in daily Rzeczpospolita on Friday.

Pope Francis may be be seeking the establishment of a new religion, distinct from Catholicism since John Paul II’s teaching was without a doubt within the Catholic tradition, Zdort wrote.

The traditionalist writer sees the potential for a schism, as “never before has such a large (and growing) group of hierarchs been openly against the incumbent pope’s chief contribution to ideas. As examples of opposition figures, Zdort names Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke and the archbishop of Warsaw, Henryk Hoser.

In Pope Francis’s overtures to divorcees or gays, the Church has “betrayed John Paul II,” Zdort quotes Archbishop Hoser as saying. (an)

Source: Rzeczpospolita

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