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Seven cocaine traffickers arrested in Poland

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Roberto Galea 13.02.2015 11:21
Polish police has detained a gang which imported illegal drugs from the South American country of Peru.
Seven people were arrested in the raid. Photo: CBŚSeven people were arrested in the raid. Photo: CBŚ

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBŚ) arm of Police police has concluded a dramatic raid on a ring of drug smugglers, and arrested seven individuals.

The drug couriers would infiltrate cocaine into the country by transporting it in their stomachs.

"Officers from the Department of Drug Management Board in the Kielce branch of CBŚ has investigated this group for a long time," CBŚ spokesperson Katarzyna Balcer told PAP.

"They found that [the gang] smuggled very high quality cocaine to Poland, and then they would distribute it around the country. The leader of the group, who was also a mule, was arrested red-handed, as there were still drugs in his stomach."

The drugs were smuggled from South American countries, mainly Peru.

Apart from cocaine and marijuana, police also found numerous mobile phones, bundles of cash as well as portable scales.

For a video of CBŚ in action in this particular raid, head to our Facebook page. (rg)

Source: PAP

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