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Krakow to probe air quality

PR dla Zagranicy
John Beauchamp 26.11.2014 09:33
The Municipality of Krakow has signed an agreement with the city’s AGH University of Science and Technology, which is to undertake research into the physico-chemical properties of the dust particles which make up the city’s pollution.
KrakowKrakowphoto - wikipedia

Krakow: photo - wikipedia

The agreement was signed by Krakow mayor Jacek Majchrowski and AGH’s rector Prof. Tadeusz Slomka, Tuesday, with the university aiming to provide solutions to the southern city’s smog problem.

“Protection of the air quality in Krakow needs action not just on the part of the city [authorities],” Majchrowski said at the signing of the agreement, adding that “this is not just a problem of the large number of coal burners and traffic, it is also an issue for industry and the natural location of Krakow.”

Boffins from AGH are to look into the actual makeup of the dust particles responsible for the Krakow’s smog and work on a model which shows how the smog is distributed throughout the city.

“Currently we do not have a precise answer on what is responsible for the air quality in Krakow with regards to fine particles,” said Prof. Marian Mazur from the University’s Department for Environmental Shaping and Protection.

Krakow is set to spend 244 million zloty (around 61 million euro) from various sources on slashing so-called “low emissions”, with the City Hall saying that the money is to be directed towards the shutting down of coal burners and the development of city heating.

The city also wants to roll out a number of transport solutions, such as new parking lots and the development of municipal transport. (jb)

Source: PAP

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