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Marijuana-grower challenges Polish law

PR dla Zagranicy
Nick Hodge 03.10.2014 13:27
Poland's Constitutional Court is set to consider the complaint of a convicted marijuana-grower who believes Polish laws on cultivation of the drug are too draconian.

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The complainant was given a suspended sentence in 2012 for growing marijuana for personal use.

However, he claims that the current laws violate the constitutional principles of freedom of conscience and religion, the right to health and the prohibition of inhumane treatment.

According to the complainant, the drug has “established medicinal properties” and presents “much less danger to public health than the legally available, highly addictive tobacco and alcohol.”

He also argues that the smoking of marijuana is “a form of ritual which has a religious character.

The complainant claims hat the drug helps users understand “the essence of man's place in the universe,” adding that it should be considered as “a gift from the gods.”

At present, three-year prison sentences can be meted out to those caught cultivating marijuana.

Poland's Constitutional Court will consider the complaint on 4 November. (nh)

Source: PAP

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