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Celebrity transsexual gets into TV scrap with nationalist

PR dla Zagranicy
John Beauchamp 08.08.2014 15:20
Artur Zawisza, leader of Poland's far-right National Movement, stormed out of a live TV show when Rafalala, a 'transsexual poet', threw water in his face after he called her a "whore".

Screenshot of Rafalala on Polsat News, clearly not looking impressed with the situation...

Upon arriving at the studios of Polsat News, Zawisza said that “I’m embarassed to sit here in the same studio with ‘that thing’, I can’t even look at it”.

“What we have here is a male whore...” the National Movement leader said.

“You, sir, are a stupid man who lies on air,” Rafalala retorted.

“You are a male whore who takes 200 zloty [around 50 euro] for sexual services,” Zawisza said, before turning on presenter Agnieszka Gozdyra to say “and you are turning this TV studio into a brothel”.

Despite the presenter’s attempts at controlling the situation, Rafalala’s temper frayed as she then stood up and poured water over Zawisza, who, visibly shocked, then left the studio ordering a formal apology.

Turbulent history

A few years ago Rafalala become one of Poland’s most famous transsexuals, appearing in her own revue and writing a blog which caught the attention of the country’s LGBT community.

However, she became infamous after she slapped an estate agent in the face after he refused to let her an apartment.

Even though the arrangement on the lease had been made prior to the meeting, when the agent saw Rafalala he outright refused to sign the contract, caller her “that thing”.

More recently, Rafalala appeared on another TV show on news station TVN24 in a discussion with Civic Platform MP Jacek Zalek.

While there were strong exchanges throughout the programme, both the presenter and the politician referred to her as “miss” and there were no blows exchanged. (jb/pg)

Source: Super Express, Pudelek

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