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‘Ring of Unity’ at Kruszyniany mosque

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John Beauchamp 06.07.2014 12:56
Supporters of the Polish Muslim Tatar community have expressed their unity with the Tatars of Kruszyniany, whose mosque was vandalised last weekend.

A 'Ring of Unity' is formed by supporters of the Muslim Tatar community in Kruszyniany, north-east Poland, after the wooden mosque in the village was vandalised at the end of June. Photo: PAP/Artur Reszko

At noon, Saturday, a ring was formed around the mosque in Kruszyniany, near the north-eastern city of Bialystok, with ecumenical prayers taking place led by the local imam and figures from the Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox Churches, as well as Jewish representatives.

People taking part in the ‘ring of unity’ told Polish Radio that the event took place as a symbol of support for the Tatar Muslims. “We created Polish history together and we want to continue creating it together in the future,” regional governor of the Podlasie region, Maciej Zywno said.

Tatar representatives have said that they have received sympathy and support after the wooden mosque, Poland’s oldest, was spray-painted with a pig and several tombstones in the nearby cemetery were defaced.

Companies in the region have since cleared up the acts of vandalism in cooperation with local conservationists and at no cost to the taxpayer. Meanwhile, regional prosecutors in Bialystok are still investigating the act of vandalism. (jb)

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