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Flood wave threatens south east Poland

PR dla Zagranicy
Peter Gentle 19.05.2014 08:20
The south east Lublin district is bracing itself, Monday for an oncoming flood wave on the Vistula River after several days of intensive rain in central Europe.

Fire fighters transport residents in Buszkowice to safety after part of the village was cut off after River san burst its banks: photo - PAP / Darek Delmanowicz

During the night the wave reached Sandomierz, though flood defences were not reported to have been broken there.

Minister for administration and digitization Rafał Trzaskowski said that though concerning, the wave is lower than computer modelling predicted.

“We are ready and confident but we must remain mobilised,” he said.

Plans had been laid overnight to evacuate several villages in the Lublin province, including Kępa Solecka, Kępa Gostecka, Braciejowice, Zakrzów, Las Dębowy, Grabowiec, Wrzelów and Koło.

Residents in Buszkowice, Podkarpackie province had to be evacuated when the River San burst its banks on Sunday.

Despite up to 20 people in Serbia and Bosnia being killed after the worst floods in the Balkans for decades engulfed villages, the flood wave on the River Vistula has been measured at 760 cms – 90 centimetres lower that the wave that hit southern and central Poland in 2010, causing the deaths of 25 and costing billions of euros in damages. (pg)

source: IAR

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