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Police petition to film arrests

PR dla Zagranicy
Nick Hodge 26.03.2014 13:47
Poland's police force has submitted proposals to the ministry of the interior calling for officers to be allowed to wear fitted cameras to film arrests.
Photo: policja.plPhoto: policja.pl

Photo: policja.pl

“We would very much like this to be made possible, and it appears that we are gaining more and more support,” said national police chief Marek Dzialoszynski on Wednesday.

Dzialoszynski noted that complaints in which police officers are accused of exceeding their powers while detaining suspects could be settled more easily if cameras were introduced.

He added that arrests often take place when there are no witnesses, and that sometimes officers try to film encounters themselves with their own mobile phones “for their own security.

“Police officers have come to the conclusion that if they can be and indeed are permanently recorded by citizens, then they should have their own independent equipment at their disposal.”

The police chief has said that one option is that miniature cameras could be sown into officers' uniforms.

“Naturally there are many different technical options, depending on how much money is available.” (nh)

Source: PAP

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