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Top archbishop blames child abuse on 'pornography, divorce and feminism'

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Peter Gentle 17.10.2013 09:36
Head of the Polish Episcopate Archbishop Jozef Michalik has claimed that abuse of children is caused by pornography, feminism and a "selfish love" undermining the family.

Archbishop Jozef Kowalczyk (C) during a special Mass on the 90th birthday of Cardinal Henry Gulbinowicz at the Cathedral of St. St. John the Baptist in Wroclaw where he attacked the undermining of the family as the cuase of child abuse: photo - PAP / Maciej Kulczyński

"The shameful abuse by adults towards children results from the acceptance of pornography [...] and the promotion of a false, selfish love between people," Archbishop Michalik has told a Mass in Wroclaw Cathedral, south west Poland.

The remarks about the causes of paedophilia come as the Polish Roman Catholic Church is rocked by accusations of child abuse by two Polish priests in the Dominican Republic.

In a previous statement on the issue last week, Archbishop Michalik had to rush out an apology after claiming that abuse occurred when "children were searching for love".

He later said the remark was a "slip of the tongue" during an off the cuff answer to a journalist's questions.

During the Mass in Wroclaw on Wednesday, however, Archbishop Michalik said that though the family has always enjoyed respect as an institution in Poland, larger family units "have become stigmatised".

"You have heard of adults abusing children and this kind of evil is not to be tolerated, but no one asks about the causes of this," he said, blaming TV networks broadcasting "pornography and a selfish love"

"Nobody stands up for children suffering from a lack of love from divorcing parents, which leaves painful and permanent injuries".

The archbishop also mentioned the "new ideology of gender" with universities offering gender study courses and "the most aggressive Polish feminists who scoff at the Church and years of traditional ethics, who promote abortion and struggle against the traditional model of the family and marital fidelity".

"The ideology of gender raises legitimate concerns, because it goes against the laws of nature, promotes marriage between persons of the same sex and fights for the right to legalize adoption of children by these couples," the archbishop said.

The archbishop's latest remarks were criticised by professor of ethics at Warsaw University Magdalena Środa, who said instead of attacking modernity he should be more self-reflective.

"The church should be seeking self-purification rather than launching some kind of attack," she told the TVP broadcaster. (pg)

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