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Polish church won't turn its back on sinful gays, says archbishop

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Nick Hodge 20.08.2013 14:00
Primate of Poland Archbishop Jozef Kowalczyk has said that the Church “will not turn its back on homosexuals,” but affirmed that homosexual acts are still “a sin.”
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The archbishop of Gniezno's comments follow the widely publicised remarks of Pope Francis in late July, when the pontiff reflected that homosexuals “should not be marginalised.”

Asked by Poland's Rzeczpospolita daily whether the pope's words had “started a revolution in the Church,” Archbishop Kowalczyk said there was “nothing new” in the pope's comments.

“Homosexuality is a known phenomenon throughout history, both in the world and in the Church,” he said.

“The Church will not turn its back on homosexuals. They are its members, as human beings, just like everyone else.

“This tendency does not make one an unworthy person, or an inferior person, and it does not exclude them from the Catholic community,” he added.

“I know people with homosexual tendencies who are very worthy people, but I do not approve of or accept sexual practices between people of the same sex. The Church criticizes it and considers it as a sin.

“Pope Francis recalled this in his speech.”

Meanwhile, when asked what the Church's stance would be if the government – which is currently divided on the issue – legalised civil partnerships, Archbishop Kowalczyk said that such a union would not be recognised by the Church as “a marriage.”

However, he added that “it is the state's job to regulate all that relates to matters of property and inheritance for people living together of the same sex.” (nh)

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