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Interactive Warsaw tribute for John Paul II anniversary

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Nick Hodge 27.03.2013 10:46
Noted actors, academics and sports personalities are due to take part in an 'interactive' tribute to the late Pope John Paul II in Warsaw on the 8th anniversary of his death on 2 April.

Foksal Street exhibition: photo - centrumjp2.pl

“Wojtyla 3D: You have a soul”, which is being organised by the Centre for Thought of John Paul II, takes in various events across the capital, culminating in an interactive vigil on Pilsudski Square on the evening of 2 April.

The gathering on Pilsudski Square will see mime artists take part in a special tribute, and a film will be screened with interviews involving people who knew the late pontiff personally.

At about 9 pm, actors, academics and sportsmen – John Paul II was a keen canoeist and skier – will reflect on the relationship between the spirit and the body.

Shortly after at 9.37 pm, when the pope expired, Cardinal Kazimerz Nycz will perform a special blessing.

Meanwhile, an open-air exhibition spelling out 'JP2' can be viewed on the balconies of an apartment block on Foksal Street between 25 March and 2 April.

Poles back Benedict XVI's abdication

Meanwhile, three in four Poles (73 percent) believe that Pope Benedict XVI’s decision to abdicate was the correct choice, according to a new poll.

The CBOS Institute's survey found that only one in five respondents believed that Benedict XVI should have remained as head of the Roman Catholic Church till the end of his life.

The Pope Emeritus was an important moral authority for 63 per cent of Poles, according to the survey, even though as many as 96 per cent of the respondents did not take part in any meetings, religious celebrations or audiences with Benedict XVI.

The survey also indicated that he was an important authority not only for Catholics, but also for people of other denominations (29 per cent of respondents) as well as those who describe themselves as atheists or agnostics (8 per cent).

Some 83 percent of Poles have a high assessment of the contribution of Benedict XVI to solving problems in today;s world. Meanwhile, 8 percent of the respondents hold an opposite view. (nh/mk)

Source: IAR, PAP

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