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Q&A :: 25 years of cleaning up Poland

PR dla Zagranicy
Michał Owczarek 09.10.2018 20:54
  • Q&A 09 10 2018
This year marks 25 years since the Clean Up the World campaign was launched in Poland. How has it changed the country?

Over one weekend in September Poles have been typically going greener cleaning up illegal dump sites as part of Clean Up the World Weekend. Volunteers have got out in their local communities cleaning up their immediate environment including collecting many bags of litter, conducting educational campaigns, tree planting and other environmental projects.

This year, however, was somewhat special as it marked 25 years since the campaign was launched in Poland. Mira Stanisławska-Meysztowicz, the head of the Polish division of the Clean Up the World NGO, who transplanted the idea from Australia recollects the first year of her activities in Poland, what the project looked like back in the day and how different it was compared to 2018.

Hosted by Michał Owczarek

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