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Countdown to NATO summit in Warsaw

PR dla Zagranicy
Roberto Galea 30.05.2016 15:57
  • Countdown to NATO summit in Warsaw
In an exclusive interview for Radio Poland, political analyst Jarosław Guzy is confident that the summit will see “a confirmation that Article 5 [of the Washington Treaty] works”.
NATO. Photo: Wikimedia CommonsNATO. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Referring to a rotational presence in the Baltic states and Poland of a 4,500-strong multinational contingent, Guzy stresses that “these units will not be for exercise but will be fully equipped and ready to fight; so if the Russians decide to start a hybrid war or some other military action, they can expect response not only from local forces but also from Western units, especially Americans, British, Canadians and possibly Germans as well”.

According to Guzy, the Warsaw summit will have “a symbolic significance but also a practical one, as NATO, compared to the EU, is something different: it does not have an army of officials but real armies”.

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