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What would Brexit mean for Poland?

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Paweł Kononczuk 18.04.2016 16:25
  • What would Brexit mean for Poland?
Official campaigning in Britain's Brexit referendum began last Friday. For ten weeks from April 15, supporters of remaining in the EU and of leaving will be working to pull voters over to their sides, as Europe - and not only - looks on with concern.
London. Photo: lens-flare.de/Flickr.com
London. Photo: lens-flare.de/Flickr.com

Poland, too, is calculating what a so-called Brexit might mean for this country.

The consequences would be political, social as well as economic, European affairs experts point out.

“The current government would lose its most important ally out of the big member states, people would have reduced possibilities of work in the UK and there would be impact on commercial exchange,” says Warsaw University’s Piotr Wawrzyk.

Katarzyna Pisarska, of the European Academy of Diplomacy, adds that the Polish government “will lose the country on which it has based its current foreign policy. The concept of the government is a strong partnership with Britain, which is Eurosceptical, has many opt-outs from Schengen and the eurozone... If Britain leaves, we lose our partner,” she says.

Elżbieta Krajewska reports.

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