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Thailand: gateway to opportunities in Asia

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Paweł Kononczuk 08.03.2016 16:28
  • Thailand: gateway to opportunities in Asia
A workshop entitled "Thailand - your gate to south-east Asia" presenting trade and investment possibilities in Thailand has recently taken place at the headquarters of the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiZ) in Warsaw.
Bhumibol Bridge, Bangkok. Photo: Flickr.com/Mike Behnken
Bhumibol Bridge, Bangkok. Photo: Flickr.com/Mike Behnken

The workshop was attended by several dozen companies which want to develop joint initiatives with Thailand or see it as a potential gateway through which they can access other countries in south-east Asia, whose economies grew an average 6 percent annually over the last decade.

During the meeting, representatives of the Thai Investment Agency talked about business possibilities and investment incentives offered by the Thai government.

They say sectors which are the most promising in terms of Polish-Thai projects are cars and car-part dealerships, the petrochemical industry, plastics, IT, machines for the agricultural industry, aviation and the defence industry.

"We haven't been really active in this region but now we are starting up. We have to find a new market for us because eastern Europe is growing and we have to show that Thailand can be a gateway to Asia. Right now the Asian economy is growing very fast, at a level comparable to China," Ittichot Damrongraktam, the deputy director of the Frankfurt-based office of the Thailand Board of Investment, told our reporter, Danuta Isler.

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