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Robot to the rescue?

PR dla Zagranicy
Nick Hodge 30.10.2015 16:06
  • Is there more to a bartender robot than meets the eye?
Polish investors appear to be risk-averse and thus not keen on investing in innovation, but a law meant to foster innovation passed nearly a month ago has been deemed a major step forward in encouraging investment in innovation.
Bild: GlowimagesBild: Glowimages

As Michał Owczarek reports, it now looks like Polish technology students may have some aces up their sleeve to change the current state of affairs.

They have come up with a robot that may have restaurateurs and medical directors rave like little kids about its capabilities.

"Our robot can deal with any kind and dosage of liquid, in hospitals, for example, where a nurse has to place equal doses of [medicine] into cups," says Jacek Pelic, co-author of the project.

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