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Q&A :: Transsexualism in Poland

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Agnieszka Łaszczuk 30.06.2015 20:00
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How is it to be a transsexual person in Poland? Wiktor Dynarski explains.
Wiktor Dynarski, President of the Trans-Fuzja Foundation. Photo: Trans-FuzjaWiktor Dynarski, President of the Trans-Fuzja Foundation. Photo: Trans-Fuzja

A bill which regulates legal gender recognition in Poland, is now in the parliament. The new law was prepared by MP Anna Grodzka, together with the Trans-Fuzja foundation, which aims to support the Polish transgender community.

We speak to President of the Trans-Fuzja foundation Wiktor Dynarski, about the bill and attitudes towards transsexualism in Poland.

Wiktor Dynarski explained that at present, in order to legally recognize someone’s gender, the person has to sue his or her parents in a civil court case. The new bill would change the procedure.

“This would be what it should be, the process between the person and the state,” he said.

Wiktor Dynarski also explained that transsexual people may experience specific barriers in access to health care services, and that they suffer from different forms of violence.

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