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EU negotiates climate change deal

PR dla Zagranicy
John Beauchamp 24.10.2014 13:32
  • Poland gets EU CO2 compromise. John Beauchamp reports.
An EU summit in Brussels has agreed on a climate package which will see cuts in greenhouse gas emissions of 40 percent until 2030.

photo - CC/wikipedia

As John Beauchamp reports, Poland managed to extend the deadline for free CO2 emissions until then, pushing back its previous deadline to 2019.

Leaders also agreed that at least 27 percent of the EU’s energy mix would come from renewable sources, as well as a rise of at least 27 percent in the 28-nation-bloc’s energy efficiency.

Poland’s Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz came away from the meeting with a good result for Polish industry, as earlier worries that the strain of cutting carbon emissions would drive up energy prices in the country due to its continued dependence on coal.

“These free emissions were to expire in 2019, but [...] we have been able to negotiate an extension until 2030, which means that the Polish power production industry will able to transfer permits free of charge, which is without doubt a guarantee that energy prices will not rise,” Kopacz said after the meeting.

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