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Modern medicine is 'evil' say Catholic doctors

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Peter Gentle 17.06.2014 15:31
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A group of Roman Catholic doctors have signed a so-called Faith Declaration, calling for more rights to perform their duties in line with their religious convictions.

“Modern-day medicine represents evil,” says Doctor Wanda Półtawska, long-time friend of the late Pope John Paul II and the initiator of the document following a doctor, Bogdan Chorzan refusing to give an abortion to a woman who discovered that the fetus she was carrying had brain damage.

Terminations are only legal in Poland if the woman's life is threatened by giving borth to the child or if the fetus is found to have severe defects.

“The entire problem with abortion, artificial insemination, and finally, rejecting God as the Creator by performing in-vitro fertilization, poses a threat to the eternal life of all people who commit these deeds,” she explains.

Some 3,000 doctors, nurses, midwives and medical students have signed the declaration as a token of gratitude for the canonization of the late pontiff.

Alicja Baczynska reports

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