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Socash and the Stars :: Indios Bravos

PR dla Zagranicy
Veronika Joy 08.05.2013 14:15
  • Presented by Ryan Socash
Polish guitarist swaps rock stardom for laid-back raggae.
Guitarist Piotr Banach (L) poses with Indios Bravos' front man Gutek (R). The two joined forces when Banach saw Gutek first performing on stage, as a 16-year-old, but someone who had already had "it". Photo courtesy: facebook.com/pages/Indios-Bravos/

Piotr Banach is a true oddity.

The musician hit the big leagues after founding one of Poland's most popular musical acts, Hey, in the early 1990s. He had it made and then one day, he left it all to pursue a Jamaican dream.

"Indios Bravos [which translates to "Brave Indians"] was the name of Native Americans, who weren't obedient to white people, and didn't accept life in the reservation. They were South American Indians who fought for their identity," recalls Banach of why he chose the name of his passion project, after he escaped the mainstream music business in 1997 to create an underground reggae band.

"The name [Indios Bravos] felt very accurate to our mission. We didn't want to be categorized, we didn't want to follow the rules," said Banach to Ryan Socash.

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