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Warsaw's Jewish Ghetto district raised from rubble

PR dla Zagranicy
Veronika Joy 19.04.2013 14:45
  • A report by Veronika Joy
Muranow is a unique historic area of Warsaw where the only housing estate in the world is located on the rubble of the Warsaw Ghetto.
Before the war this was lively Nalewki, the main street of the former Jewish district in Warsaw. Today, it's called Bohaterow Getta, or Heroes of the Ghetto. This fragment has remain untouched. Photo courtesy of Veronika Joy

The museum of the history of the Polish Jews is located in a district just as rich as the stories of the museum itself.

Muranow is described as area that raised like phoenix from the ashes and the rubble of the former lively Jewish quarter and later on ghetto. After the war, the architect wanted to rebuild the area with a purpose of preservation.

"It was like architectural utopia," says Beata Chomatowska, founder of Stacja Muranow, an association that joins together people who are interested in promoting the district.

Veronika Joy hits the pavement and invites us to walk along.

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