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Mezuzah unveiled at new Warsaw Jewish Museum

PR dla Zagranicy
Veronika Joy 15.04.2013 23:00
  • A report by Michal Kubicki
"With the Mezuzah at the entrance, a Jew feels at home," said Poland’s chief Rabbi Michael Schudrich.
Chief Rabbi of Poland Michael Schudrich places the Mezuzah at the door of the main entrance to the Museum of Jewish History of Polish Jews in Warsaw. PAP/EPA/Paul Supernak

The Mezuzah is a piece of parchment with specified verses from the Torah rolled into a decorative tube. The verses comprise of the Jewish prayer "Shema Yisrael" ("Hear O Israel"). Rabbi Schudrich placed the Mezuzah to the right of the entrance of the History of Polish Jews, in line with tradition.

This particular Mezuzah was constructed from a brick taken from the building foundations at the site of the wartime Jewish ghetto.

Michal Kubicki gives a look ahead into the week long events marking the 70th anniversary of the Warsaw Jewish Ghetto Uprising.

Be sure to tune in to a special edition of our News from Poland magazine on Friday, 14.00 CET, where we devote the whole programme to the 70th anniversary of the Jewish Ghetto Uprising and the official opening of Warsaw's Museum of the History of Polish Jews.

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