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Polish tourism reaches Far East

PR dla Zagranicy
Veronika Joy 29.01.2013 12:00
  • Polish tourism reaches Far East
The Polish Tourist Organisation will be launching a year-long promotional campaign, "Lubie Polskę" or "I Like Poland" in China, Japan and India this April.

Chinese police patrolling the streets across the Tiananmen Square in Beijing, China, 04 September 2012: photo - PAP

Foreign companies invested around over 1.2 billion euros in Poland in 2012 that are expected to create some 10,000 jobs - announced the Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIiIZ). The largest amounts of investment capital came from Asia, the United States and western EU countries with similar amount expected this year. One country such investments can come from, according to PAIIZ is China.

Responding to the interest and the demand in April the Polish Tourist Organisation is to launch a campaign promoting Poland as a tourist destination on the Asian markets.

Danuta Isler discussed the details of the campaign with Barbara Tutak, deputy director of department of marketing planning at the Polish Tourist Organisation.

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