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Soundscapes :: Slowfood, one bite at a time

PR dla Zagranicy
Anna Bierzańska 18.09.2012 17:00
  • Soundscapes :: Slowfood, one bite at a time. With Alicja Baczynska and Veronika Joy.
The fashion for home-made, locally sourced meals is arriving in Poland, but can a society on the make enjoy a slow meal?

Slowfood is an Italian-founded, global movement promoting food that is good, clean, fair, and yes, slowly made and eaten. The name is an ironic take on being an alternative to the quick and easy culture of fast food.

Slowfood movement in Poland is in its early days, but its celebration in the Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle signifies further changes in the Polish society.

"We are a society that changes quicker than any other... More and more, even young people are realizing that there is no point in working 16 hours a day, there is no point in running."

says Grzegorz Łapanowski, one of the TV celebrity chefs.

In this edition of Soundscapes: a contemplation of slow life, good food, and a society, which is growing up rather fast.

Soundscapes is presented and produced by Alicja Baczynska, with help from Veronika Joy.

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