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Minister says schools need new approach to sport

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Nick Hodge 20.08.2012 14:27
Following one of the worst Polish Olympic medal hauls in the history of the games, Poland's Minister of Sport has called for a shake-up of the school system.

Joanna Mucha; photo - joannamucha.pl

Minister Joanna Mucha claimed that “the status of the PE teacher is at its lowest in history” and that the number of clubs per capita is “appallingly low” today.

“If you want to get sport back on its feet, to rebuild the pyramid... we cannot forget about a single element,” she argued in an interview with Polish daily Gazeta Wyborcza.

Mucha claimed that there is no motivation for sports teachers, and that “there is no support from parents, who do not understand the value of sport, and do not know why sport is important for the development of their children.”

The minister said that by the end of the decade, she hoped that “almost all children will take part in PE lessons, and that two thirds of the population will engage in sport to a greater or lesser degree.”

Mucha highlighted the need to “create a system of competition in school team sports that ensures that the most talented children are spotted early on.”

Nevertheless, she acknowledged that the process will not be straightforward, and that changes proposed by the Ministry of Sport for schools must be carried out in tandem with the Ministry of Education and local government authorities.

The minister is planning meetings with representatives of Poland's 16 provinces, including heads of sports committees, schools and universities.

Still, budget flexibility for initiatives funded by the Ministry of Sport will not be favourable for 2013.

“Next year will be really difficult as far as the budget goes,” Mucha admitted.

“More difficult than this one,” she added.

“So I'm starting from those actions that can be performed at a low cost or even at no cost.” (nh)

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