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Islamic State online radio station with Polish address?

PR dla Zagranicy
Grzegorz Siwicki 15.02.2018 11:00
The so-called Islamic State has launched an online radio station with a Polish .pl address, according to an expert on the Middle East.
Photo: yoursql719/pixabay.com/CC0 Creative CommonsPhoto: yoursql719/pixabay.com/CC0 Creative Commons

The web page was created on February 10 and was registered by a German company, Poland’s onet.pl online news service has reported.

Wojciech Szewko, a Polish expert on the Middle East, said on his Twitter profile that the Islamic State radio station had a Polish .pl address, onet.pl reported.

It added that Paweł Wójcik, a Polish expert on Al-Qaeda and ISIS, “has also provided information on the subject.”

Data available on the whois.com site, which makes it possible to determine the owner of a domain or an IP address, shows that the site was launched on February 10 and was registered by a German company called EPAG Domainservices GmbH, onet.pl reported.

This highlights that the Islamic State is still alive and kicking, the Polish website commented.

The latest successes in the fight against ISIS do not mean that the conflict with the self-proclaimed Islamic State has come to an end, it added.

Onet.pl cited US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who said in Kuwait earlier this week that “the end of major combat operations does not mean we have achieved the enduring defeat of ISIS.”

Speaking at a meeting of countries that took part in a coalition fighting the Islamic State, Tillerson said: “ISIS remains a serious threat to the stability of the region, our homelands and other parts of the globe.”

He also said that the administration in Washington had decided to provide an extra USD 200 million to help stabilise war-torn communities in Syria liberated from the Islamic State.

Poland’s onet.pl cited an Associated Press report according to which US President Donald Trump’s administration is “increasingly concerned that the 74-strong coalition it cobbled together to destroy the Islamic State group is losing sight of the prime objective.”

The Trump administration “is pressing its partners to refocus efforts, overcome rivalries and concentrate on the task at hand: the eradication from Iraq and Syria of the extremist group,” according to the Associated Press.


Source: onet.pl

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