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Walesa – banking fat-cats' wealth 'criminal'

PR dla Zagranicy
Peter Gentle 19.10.2011 13:05
Former hero of the workers' Solidarity movement Lech Walesa has reaffirmed his support for the Occupy Wall Street- type protests, saying international bankers' wealth is “a crime”.

photo - PR

“The banks get taxpayers money, and they don't feel any shared responsibility for the economic crisis,” the former president said in an interview with Polish tabloid Fakt.

“Do you know how much money bankers make? Heavens above, it's a crime,” he declared.

“People are dying of hunger and they're not showing a sign of moderation,” Walesa said.

The former Solidarity leader concluded that a radical rethink is called for to remedy the situation.

“The economy needs to be looked at again with fresh eyes: the trade unions, the owners of the means of production, and the government administration.”

A week ago, Walesa said he was mulling over whether to make a visit to New York to express his support for the demonstrators.

The 68-year-old has not ventured abroad yet, but he told Associated Press that alternatively, he may write an open letter to the demonstrators.

Meanwhile, demonstrations in Poland, which took place in Warsaw, have been relatively muted compared with those in America, Italy and England.

A few hundred students took part in a march in Warsaw over the weekend. There were no violent incidents. (nh/pg)

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