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LOT crew vote on strike protest

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Peter Gentle 25.07.2011 10:15
A strike ballot is underway at Poland's national airline, LOT, following tensions over proposed extra time off for staff.


The board of LOT airlines has already agreed to grant crew an extra day off in the wake of transatlantic flights and other journeys that involve a significant change in time zone.

The agreement only requires a final signature, courtesy of LOT's Supervisory Board. That signing was due to take place in late June.

However, the board put off its decision until the next session, which does not fall until the end of August.

A vote by crew members on whether to strike was due to take place on 21 July. However, that deadline has now been extended until 29 July.

“The company is in the holiday season, so half of the workforce is away,” says Elwira Niemiec, from the board of the Cabin Crew Union.

“We want to give them a chance to speak,” she stresses, noting that 50 percent of the crew, plus one voter, must take part for the referendum to be valid.

However, Leszek Chorzewski, a spokesman for LOT, affirms that regardless of the referendum's result, the date of the Supervisory Board's next meeting will not be changed. Chorzewski insists that there is no reason to indicate that the aforementioned board was not going to sign in favour of the holiday package.

Likewise, the board has criticized the fact that the protest action is taking place during peak season, a factor which may harm the company and wreak havoc with customers plans. (nh/pg)

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