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Poland opposes Nord Stream II: maritime minister

PR dla Zagranicy
Victoria Bieniek 02.08.2017 09:27
Poland is against Nord Stream II because it cements Russian gas monopoly Gazprom’s dominant position, which is not in Poland’s interests, Maritime Minister Marek Gróbarczyk has said.
Photo: Wikimedia CommonsPhoto: Wikimedia Commons

Gróbarczyk said the pipeline, which will connect Russia and Germany via the Baltic Sea, allowing Russia bypass Poland, Ukraine and other countries in the region, back-pedals the European Union’s energy security.

“The actions we (Poland) has taken have one aim: to put the brakes on the investment, which is harmful in many ways,” Gróbarczyk told Polish Radio.

“It goes against, above all, European Union integration,” he added.

The countries that would be bypassed by the planned pipeline include those aspiring to the European Union or some of the bloc's new member states, which are yet to switch their currency to the euro.

Warsaw has vocally opposed a multi-speed Europe, a plan to allow European Union economies to develop at different paces rather than try to streamline them. (vb)

Source: IAR

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