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NBP: Polish job market is improving

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Roberto Galea 21.10.2015 17:33
The situation of the job market will continue improving in the coming years, says a job-market expert at the National Bank of Poland (NBP).
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The Polish job market is stable because the rate of employment is increasing and unemployment decreasing, alhough “we should not expect [unemployment] to fall suddenly,” Joanna Tyrowicz, an employment-sector analyst at the NBP said.

The expert said that changing jobs is a better chance at higher pay than waiting four and half years for a raise, on average.

“We do not know how to look for employment, so we limit ourselves to looking through advertisements and asking friends,” Tyrowicz said.

She explained in an NBP report on the job market published on Wednesday that job announcements are the most popular method of recruitment in Poland.

The NBP writes that Poles use professional recruitment services, such as headhunters, less often than their peers in the West, leading to an average of 13 months of unemployment at a stretch.

People looking for jobs at public employment offices are at a disadvantage because about 13 percent of vacancies are advertised, while as many as 60 percent of employers do not refer any vacancies to employment offices. Workers who benefit most are those with no higher education.

The Labour Ministry reports that unemployment in Poland fell to 9.9 percent in September, dropping to single-digit figures for the first time since 2009.

Experts contradict the Ministry saying that in the near future unemployment will be slightly higher given seasonal jobs will end. (ua/rg/rk)

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