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Poles want to additionally tax the wealthy

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Roberto Galea 07.05.2015 15:22
As many as 51 percent of Poles are in favor of introducing an additional tax rate for the richest, a recent poll for weekly Newsweek Poland revealed.
Photo: V_hujer/Sxc.huPhoto: V_hujer/Sxc.hu

“Less educated and more mature people, over 54 years of age, are more likely to have this opinion. A third of respondents did not support this idea and they are often younger and better-educated people,” said Marta Rybicka from pollster IQS, which prepared the survey for the weekly.

Just under a fifth of those polled had no opinion on the matter.

“Income inequalities in Poland are too large, and taxes should be much more progressive than at present. The poor should bear less of a fiscal burden, and the rich a much higher one. Now you can see that the majority of Polish men and women support our demands,” said Piotr Szumlewicz, from the OPZZ trade union.

Not everyone agrees with this opinion. Maciej Grelowski, Chairman of the Business Centre Club, said that this poll is an example of the mentality which Poles were so keen to get away from.

“Success and wealth are seen as a problem in Poland,” Grelowski said. “It is also [the fault of] the populism and lack of education of our elite who speak out in meaningless mental shortcuts in public debate, showing a total lack of understanding of the goal that we set ourselves 25 years ago.” (rg)

Source: Newsweek Polska

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