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Google to remain in Poland

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Roberto Galea 31.03.2015 12:13
IT giant Google wants to be a window to the world, says the head of CEE at Google, Artur Wasilewski.
The Google office in Warsaw is expanding. Photo: Google.comThe Google office in Warsaw is expanding. Photo: Google.com

The statements come a couple of weeks after Google – one of the world’s largest advertising companies – announced it is pulling out of Kraków, where it currently operates an R&D centre.

This does not mean that Google is limiting its activity in Poland, Wasilewski said. “We could either have one office in the world, or an office in every place where there are engineers,” Wasilewski told Puls Biznesu.

“The first option would make it easy to build a team for a given poject, while it is not necessary that all the talented people will want to relocate to a single place – even an interesting one like California,” he said.

Google’s Headquarters are in the so-called Silicon Valley in northern California.

The second option, Wasilewski said, is to have a hundred engineers form 100 different locations to work on a single project.

“Yes, videoconferencing is our bread and butter, but there is no better alternative than live interaction. That is why sometimes we open offices and sometimes, we close them,” Wasilewski concluded.

The 120 Google employees who worked at the Kraków offices received offers to work in Warsaw, Zurich or in California. The office in Warsaw is developing rapidly, and Wasilewski said that it is the only centre, other than Ireland, which runs a business, operations and engineering centre.

Last year, Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, said that in 2015, the company will open in Warsaw a place that will enhance the dynamism of innovation, while at the same time giving start-ups access to new technologies and mentors.

There are only a few such centres in the world, and they are in London and Tel Aviv, and are also developing in Madrid, Sao Paulo, Seoul and in Warsaw. (rg)

Source: Puls Biznesu

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