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Poland to launch 'Go Arctic' campaign

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Peter Gentle 03.11.2014 17:28
Poland should be part of new business opportunities opening up in the Arctic due to climate change, a government minister has said.

photo =- Alphonso Braggs, US-Navy/wiki

“The potential of the Far North is rising, and there are already Polish petroleum firms in this area,” deputy economy minister Ilona Antoniszyn-Klik has said.

“We must open up all continents and the Arctic” Antoniszyn-Klik added after participating in the Arctic Circle Assembly, an international conference on the future of the region.

According to the Polish Foreign Ministry, due to climate change the Arctic’s vast mineral wealth is becoming increasingly more accessible for exploitation.

A changing Arctic environment could also open up new trade routes to China, currently one of Poland’s major targets for expansing trade with.

Antoniszyn-Klik announced that the government would initiate a ‘GoArctic’ policy next year, following previous ‘GoAfrica’ and ‘GoChina’ projects aimed at increasing trade links to Africa and China respectively.

“When the GoAfrica program was being launched many did not believe it would be a success, but many of our firms are now exporting to that continent,” the minister said.

Antoniszyn-Klik also announced that in 2015 Poland will organize an economic mission to Reykjavik, Iceland, while the visits of Polish firms to Greenland, Alaska, Northern Canada and Northern Norway are also being planned. (sl/pg)

Source: Onet.Pl

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