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Foreign language learning boom

PR dla Zagranicy
Peter Gentle 02.09.2014 09:49
Private tuition continues to be popular in Poland, especially when it comes to language learning.

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The market for private tuition in Poland is growing, according to a report by Ekorki.pl, a website that serves as a contact point between tutors and students. The average cost of one hour of teaching has grown from 25.50 zloty (about 6 euro) in 2012 to 28.50 zloty (6.8 euro) this year.

Tutors demand the highest prices for specialist knowledge such as fluid mechanics (62.12 zloty or 14.75 euro per hour), but the most popular subjects for private lessons are foreign languages and mathematics.

Almost 40 percent of people looking for private tutors want to improve their knowledge of a foreign language.

“When the economy grows, a higher number of people need a foreign language in their professional life,” Tomasz Orlowski from Ekorki.pl told Polish Radio Programme 3, “so demand for this type of services grows and so do prices.”

English remains the most popular language that Poles want to learn. Nevertheless, there is an increasing number of students interested in languages such as Swahili, Vietnamese or Chinese.

Choosing a less popular language means higher prices. An hour-long private lesson of Chinese costs 47.61 zloty (11.3 euro) and in the case of Vietnamese the price is even higher, 50 zloty (11.9 euro). At the same time, an English language lesson costs 31.25 zloty (7.4 euro). (kw)

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