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One quarter of Poles willing to work abroad

PR dla Zagranicy
John Beauchamp 24.04.2014 08:59
Higher pay abroad has prompted almost one quarter of Poles to declare their willingness to emigrate in search of a better paid job, a new survey from pollster CBOS reveals.

Since joining the European Union ten years ago, one in seven Poles have travelled abroad in search of work, although half of this number left on a seasonal basis, for up to three months at a time.

Scadinavian countries – Norway, Sweden and Finland – are back in fashion for Polish seasonal workers, “as well as [countries] which have been popular for a long time now,” Agnieszka Zielinska from the Polish HR Forum told Polish Radio, hinting at Germany, the Netherlands, France, as well as the UK and Ireland.

“Despite the crisis in Europe, which can still be felt, Poles are still respected workers – not just in terms of costs, but also of quality,” Zielinska underlined. (jb)

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