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National Broadcasting Council upholds Poland's digital radio switch

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Nick Hodge 20.01.2014 10:21
Poland's National Broadcasting Council has upheld the decision to switch from analogue to digital radio.

Photo: Polish Radio

Polish Radio (Polskie Radio) led the way in October 2013, when it launched a multiplex including Polish Radio's External Service - which broadcasts in Warsaw and the Katowice area. Details of what's on the channel can be found here.

According to the National Broadcasting Council, the schedule aims to bring a digital signal to 55 percent of the country by April 2015.

“Digital is better than analogue in every way,” commented Witold Grabos, deputy chairman of the council.

Besides championing the superior sound quality, Grabos noted that digital will allow listeners across the country to receive 36 programmes, rather than five (two public and three commercial).

However, he stressed that “without commercial broadcasters, the success of the process is impossible.”

Not all commercial stations have entered into talks yet with the council. Fears remain that listeners may not invest in new digital receivers, which cost about 150 zloty (36 euros).

However, Grabos argued that “similar concerns were sparked by digital television,” but it turned out that “Poles were willing to buy new televisions... and the process went very smoothly.” (nh)

Source: IAR

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