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Outbreak of 'dirty hands' disease in Polish capital

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Alicja Baczyńska 18.12.2017 08:30
An outbreak of Hepatitis A has affected over 500 people in Warsaw since January.
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The sanitary authorities have recorded 663 Hepatitis A patients in the Mazowieckie region around Warsaw between January and the end of November, with the figure standing at 551 people in the Polish capital alone.

In comparison, in 2016 no more than 35 cases of the disease were reported nationwide. In 2015 there were 49 cases. This year, there were 1,685 cases between January and the end of September.

Hepatitis A outbreaks have been "recorded across Europe," Joanna Narożniak, a spokeswoman for the State Provincial Sanitary Inspectorate, told the wyborcza.pl website, adding that the "cause of the outbreak is as yet unknown".

"Hepatitis A vaccinations have so far been recommended to tourists travelling to, say, tropical countries, were the disease incidence is high," said Renata Cieślik-Tarkota, from the Provincial Sanitary and Epidemiological Station in Katowice, southern Poland. "People no longer need to travel abroad to run the risk of contracting the illness," she added.

Hepatitis A, a disease of the digestive system, causes symptoms such as abdominal pain, drowsiness, and jaundice -- the yellowing of the skin.

To steer clear of the disease, Cieślik-Tarkota advised people to "wash their hands as often as possible, particularly before eating and after using the toilet." Other precautions include washing food products before consumption. (aba/pk)

Source: wyborcza.pl, wawalove

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