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New Polish PM announces efforts to tackle air pollution

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Grzegorz Siwicki 13.12.2017 09:57
Poland's new Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has declared that tackling air pollution, which is estimated to kill some 50,000 people a year in the country, will be one of his government’s priorities.
PM Mateusz MorawieckiPM Mateusz MorawieckiPhoto: Tracz/KPRM (Public Domain)

Morawiecki said, “Clean air is a measure of a society’s level of development, a measure of whether or not Poland is truly a mature country.

“Air, water and land belong not only to us, but they also belong to future generations, and the state in which we leave these resources to our grandchildren will determine our legacy.”

Morawiecki added, “Our plan to combat smog is also a programme to help the poorest people in society… who cannot afford good quality, non-polluting fuel. We want to end this poverty and improve the quality of life of all Poles.”

According to a report by the World Health Organisation (WHO), out of the 50 European cities most affected by smog, 33 are Polish. The WHO estimates that around 50,000 Poles die every year due to illness caused by air pollution.

A majority of Poles are thought to be in favour of tougher anti-smog laws, with one survey last month suggesting that two-thirds of residents would back such measures.

Morawiecki also announced that the 33 most affected cities would each gain their own dedicated programme aimed at reducing the impact of smog. In addition, from July 2018 there will be further restrictions on inefficient stoves, one of the causes of smog in Polish cities. (sl/gs)

Source: PAP

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